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Better Grip towel 2 pack blac/green

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2-Pack of towels in organic cotton, one black cotton towel with a rubbery print in art-deco style. The print gives better grip when you want to open jar lids, bottle caps, or take a firm grip on heavy and hot pots or baking trays.


The patterned towels is easy to turn it to a anti slip place mat by folding it in the middle. Good for kids! Use the coloured towel as napkin.


Machine wash on 40 degrees, Hang dry. Iron the rubber printed towel from back side with medium hot iron. Unicolor towel: Machine wash on 60 degrees, tumble dry, iron with medium hot iron.

Material: 100 % organic cotton, rubbery print is made with an environmentally friendly ftalat free acrylic paste.

Design Josephine Drakenberg




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