Nyttadesigns values and vision

Nyttadesigns range of textile welness and every day products is made with a minimal footprint in the environment. We are aware of the effect our choice of materials, production and distribution has and we work towards a sustainability in every area. 


One of the most important reasons for choosing organic raw materials is the concern of the well being or our staff. The health of the people at factories weaving, dyeing, sewing the products as well as handling at warehouses and shops must not be effected negatively.

We make sure by visiting our suppliers and sub contractors once or twice a year to make sure the staff is treated well. There is of course no child labor. 


When one of our products are used up and must be thrown away we know that burning or composting them has very little negative effect on environment. Next important step for us is to inform how to waste each product to reduce the effects even more. 

Nyttadesign offices uses green energy and recycles paper, plastic, , metal, glass and has access to komposting remains of food. Our warehouse reuses boxes.

Research and develpment

We develop our products in house. We decide what material to use from our standards and work out production methods that suits our sub-contractors and minimize waste of material. There are no shortage of ideas, the limitation sits in what material that are available. There are great materials but with side effects that we cannot accept.

We constantly look for new environmentally friendly functional textiles. Often great ideas comes from biomimicry research. Water resistant textile is an interesting subject many applications and great demand. However so far no material has come that does not wear off in washing process. 


Our vision is a world where "a rich life" is not synonyme with finansial values only. Happiness or Gross National well being should be counted and added to the way of measuring what a company contributes to a society. We believe that if you live a life where you do not destroy for coming generations gives a satisfaction and a joy. We want to contribute to increaseing the general well being of both people and planet earth.